The FILM COUNCIL funds an ambitious variety of schemes to develop and nurture emerging filmmaking talent. The various schemes are described below along with information on how to apply for them:

Digital Shorts - funded regionally

The New Cinema Fund has selected organisations in each region and nation of the UK to work with as partners to enable filmmakers to make innovative shorts using digital technology. Each of the organisations will support at least eight digital films a year with a budget of up to £10,000 each. Individual filmmakers will apply directly to the partner organisations for funding.

Click here for more information on Digital Shorts and who to apply to in your region.

New Cinema Fund / FilmFour Lab joint shorts scheme

The New Cinema Fund and FilmFour Lab are each investing £250,000 a year divided between four major schemes encouraging directors, producers and other creative talent to push their creative boundaries. In the first year of the scheme the four targeted areas are:
  • Cinema Extreme,
  • Comedy,
  • Internet/viral,
  • A Completion Fund for shorts.

Click here for more information.

The Short Channel

This is a joint project between the FILM COUNCIL's New Cinema Fund and the CNC's short film fund, they are providing matching funding totalling EUROs 300,000. The scheme will deliver six short films based on three screenplays: three pairs of directors (British and French) will work on three scripts, finally producing one French and one British version, i.e. six films in total.

Click here for guidelines and details on how to apply.

First Light

Click here for information on this scheme, which is aimed at giving 8 -18 year olds the chance to make a digital short film.
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