The FILM COUNCIL was set up to work with the public and private sector to make film an essential part of the UK's creative economy and to create the environment for a sustainable and vibrant film culture. The FILM COUNCIL aims to nurture excellence and innovation in the UK industry, and to promote innovation, diversity and social inclusion. Information about the FILM COUNCIL, how it came to be set up and the range of it's work is available.

This website gives information on FILM COUNCIL consultation exercises and industry initiatives in which it is involved.

It also gives information about how to apply to the FILM COUNCIL for funding in a variety of areas including training and short film production.

All the FILM COUNCIL press releases are available.

The Annual Review and the Group Lottery Report and Accounts for 2000/2001 is available as an acrobat document to read online or to download.

Information on the FILM COUNCIL's film development and production awards is available. Click here for a list of awards invested in film development and production as well as short film production. News and details about initiatives supported by the FILM COUNCIL's Training Fund are located in the News and the Funding pages.

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